Tuesday, 12 February 2013

back home

So im back home now in bollington and as anybody whos been away on climbing trips knows, it takes a few days to get back to normal. especially getting out of the climbing routine of wake up, breakfast, sort gear, go climbing, finish climbing buy food, eat food, drink whiskey, talk about climbing (youre climbs better than there climb), sleep and then repeat.

Even thought theres still snow on the hills here its just not the same, im happy to be back but would loved to of stayed for another week at least. The first week you spend getting used to the area and getting fit for climbing, by the end of the week youre feeling strong both mentally and physically.

Now im back im concentrating on the next adventure which will be chamonix in summer, so ill be upping the training and finding new ways to beast myself (im buying a snorkel and tractor tyres).
In the meantime im going to try and get up Scotland before the session is over and do alot more drytooling in between trad climbing and bouldering (not enough hours in the day)

For anyone thinking of going to rjukan ice climbing stop thinking about it and do it, its one of the best places in Europe to go ice climbing because of the accessibility and amount of venues and routes.

The accommodation we used was the Rjukan Hytteby http://rjukan-hytteby.no/en/index/ which is second to none, located right in the centre of town and in the middle of everything.

We used hertz for the car rental as they worked out cheapest and we always seem to get upgraded as we fly to torp airport as it the easiest airport to get to rjukan from.

we had an awesome week and cant wait for next year which we are already talking about, and many other adventures to.

Thanks to Ed, cliff and richy for amazing company and fun times all the way.
see you next time......

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